Pangorge 2017: The Suck

Saturday, November 18th, 2017


And now for something completely different...  Pangorge, The Suck.  This Adventure Race is designed to take the participants deep into the mysterious vortex lurking right in Chattanooga's backyard.  Everything has changed from previous years.  Expect the unexpected. Participants will navigate the hidden hollers of Suck Creek, and the course will consist of paddling, canyoneering, and mountain biking.  There are no teams, but travelling with other racers is encouraged due to the difficulty of the course.  This race can be entered by invitation or application.  



9 miles of Paddling.

Tennessee River - River Gorge


The challenging 9 mile paddle begins at the mouth of Suck Creek.. don't let it shallow you whole.. you will paddle up the river and around Williams Island. At the end of the paddle, boats will be left at River Canyon Adventures just down from the mouth of Suck Creek.



2 miles of Canyoneering.


After completing the paddle you will canyoneer your way up to the water fall at Sulfur Canyon of Suck Creek and heading back down the mountain for the bike portion of the race. 



10 miles of Mountain Biking.


Mountain Biking: Jungle Addition

This bike trail will challenge you and push you to your limits. This secret trail is a single track trail so you better be prepared for the unexpected. The race will end at River Gorge Retreat.