The Race


The Pro Course, for solo racers, will be essentially the same as above, except the trail run will be on private property on the river left side of the gorge instead of the Pot Point House.  These trails are not usually open to the public, and the landowners are graciously allowing us to use them for the race.

The race will conclude at Tennessee River Place where the post-race party will await you



The Sport course will involve paddling on the Tennessee River from The Tennessee River Place near Williams Island to the Pot Point House, a 3.5 mile trail run on the Pot Point Nature Trail loop, paddling from Pot Point to the Raccoon Mountain boat ramp, a mountain bike loop on the trails at Raccoon Mountain, and finally riding back down the mountain to finish at The Tennessee River Place.  Please see below for a more detailed course description.

The first leg is a paddle to the Pot Point House.  After departing from the Tennessee River Place at river mile 455, racers will navigate 7 miles of the River Gorge to the Pot Point House at river mile 448.

Upon reaching the Pot Point House, racers will find themselves at aid station #1, and the second leg of the race. Racers will leave their vessels on the banks of the river where they will be safeguarded by volunteers, and proceed on foot through the 3.5 mile Pot Point Nature Trail Loop ending back at their water craft.

Racers will re-enter their water craft and proceed down the river another 4 miles to the Raccoon Mountain Boat Ramp at river mile 444, aid station #2, and the beginning of the biking leg of the course.

Racers will hop on their bikes and cross Raccoon Mountain Road to the Livewire trailhead, where they will ascend the trails to the top of the mountain and complete a loop. Multiple checkpoints will be located throughout the loop. From here, teams will descend Raccoon Mountain to the finish at the Tennessee River Place.